Crop Donors

Salem Harvest would not be possible without the incredible support that we get from those farmers and homeowners who grow and donate the food. It all starts with their generosity. If you have grown crops that would otherwise go to waste, and would like to join in, please consider registering your crop at the 'Donate Crop' link above.

Here is the list of crop donors who have participated within the last year:

Crop donors in the last year

AC Foods - blueberries
Justin Allen - apples, persimmons, plums
Nancy Arner-Hulett - figs
Thomas Barnett - broccoli, green beans
Joanne Barnhart - plums
Beilke Family Farm - apples, tomatoes
Benedictine Sisters - apples, grapes
Jolyn Rothgery Benedictine Sisters - cherries
Chuck and Cherie Bennett - grapes
Greg Bennett - onions
Arcile Boyes - grapes
Cory Brugh - carrots
Harmony Burright - mixed vegetables
Tayanita Campbell - cherries
Steve Cannon - apples, grapes
Emily Christensen - blueberries
Brent DeHart - apples, quince
Yara & Gabriel Delgado - apples, blueberries
Verna Dixon - plums
Amy Fast - apples, cherries, pears, plums
Paula Feldmeier - plums
Jim Ford - cherries
Torri Ford - mixed vegetables
Sam Garlock - apples
Clara Garner - apples
Arne Goddik - strawberries
Linda Hammersley - apples
Kurt Hanes - pears
Lucy Harrison - plums
Susan Haylock - apples, pears
Jade Helm - quince
Dawn & Jeff Hemstreet - cherries
Doug Hendryx - grapes
Brian Hewitt - tomatoes
Verl Holden - hazelnuts
Ken Howald - apples
Stephen & Denise Ifft - blueberries
Nadine Iselin - pears
John Jennings - tomatoes
Carl Jensen - cherries
Alice Johnson - cherries
Linda Johnson - blueberries
Carroll Johnston - pears, plums
Howard Klopfenstein - apples
Kraemer Farms - bell peppers, cauliflower, squash
Josie Lane - plums
Alana Lang Neads - cherries
Susan Latour - pears
Kirk Leonard - plums
Marion Polk Food Share - broccoli
Marion Polk Food Share - corn
Marion Polk Food Share - mixed produce, squash
Doug Meyer - boysenberry, loganberries, peaches
Millie Millis - apples
Ted And Bernadette Minden - apples
Minto Island Growers - eggplant, leeks
Jan Nordlund - cherries
Northwest Transplants - cabbage, watermelon
Cindy O'Neal - apples
Carol Odenweller - plums
Osu Extension Service - blueberries
Pearmine Farms - cauliflower, hazelnuts
Wes Pilcher - corn
Bruce Priem - apples
Myron & Vikki Redford / Wetle - peaches, pears, persimmons, plums
Audey Robison - apples, pears
James Roth - blueberries
Melinda Roth - blueberries
Elaine Rothenberger - plums
Daryle Ryder - plums
Beverly Silvera - apples
Jena Slovak - apples, pears
Larry Smith - pears, plums
Amanda Stevens - corn, mixed vegetables, strawberries
Darci Stubenrauch - mixed produce
Nathaniel Taylor - plums
Ed Thompson - apples
Michelle Unger - apples
Dan & Judy Vaughn - cherries
Keith Walton - boysenberry, blueberries
Cristina Wheeler - blueberries
Joel Woodman - pears
MPFS Youth Farm - basil, green beans, mixed vegetables, strawberries
Zohreh Zarnegar - apples, plums
Brian Zielinski - pears
Delores Zielinski - blueberries
Zurbrugg Blueberries LLC - blueberries