New Volunteers

Registering is required if you want to pick fruit or vegetables with us, and you will also then be on the email list for newsletters and announcements. After you register you are eligible to sign up for harvests. You do not have to register again. If you have not already registered, just click on the 'Register' button and fill out the form:


We will be in touch with you soon and look forward to your friendship and support. If you have more questions about volunteering, read through the Information Page below or check the Contacts page. to find the best person to send your question to.

Registered volunteers

Volunteer Toolkit Go to the Volunteer Toolkit (formerly My Page) to see current harvest signups, attendance history and to update your contact information (Password required. Set or change your password at the Volunteer Toolkit login page).
Information Show the information for volunteers about how to participate in Salem Harvest and frequently asked questions.
Terms Show me the Terms of Participation as a Salem Harvest volunteer.
Ladders Show the Ladder Safety Information and Annual Test. This test must be taken and passed once a year and doing so may allow volunteers to skip the in-person ladder orientation at harvests