There are no harvests currently available for signup. If you have heard of a harvest through email, Facebook or your neighbor, but you do not see it listed here, it means that the roster is closed.

New feature: While you are waiting for new harvests to be posted, sign up for a new feature to help make sure that you do not miss a harvest from waiting for an email about the waiting list. To get on a waiting list or when you are promoted onto the regular roster from the waiting list, you are sent an email. These emails are sent immediately but sometimes they can be delayed or diverted by spam filters. With the new feature you can give yourself a password that lets you get on the waiting list or see the harvest details immediately instead of having to wait for an email. Go to the Volunteer Update page to be sent a link where you can set the password and update your contact information.


Progress towards
one million pounds donated:

Year HarvestsPounds of food donated
2016 (to date) 139 104,345
2015 201 320,886
2014 163 293,762
2013 91 77,232
2012 107 89,450
2011 50 38,255
2010 60 28,406