Please consider making a gift to Salem Harvest. We are an all-volunteer community organization with no staff, office or utility expenses, so 100 percent of your donation will go directly to feeding the hungry and promoting a sustainable community. Your donation will enable us to provide safe, proper equipment for our volunteers, as well as to provide insurance for volunteers and homeowners. Salem Harvest is a non-profit, public charity so the full amount of your contribution is deductible for federal income tax purposes. You will receive a donation receipt in the mail.

Checks can be mailed to: Salem Harvest, P.O. Box 483, Salem, OR 97308

Click here to select a card to send to friends or family if you are donating in their name.

Become a Salem Harvest Sponsor and have your logo on our web page and displayed at harvests. Write to for details.

Crop donations in the last year

J.D. Adams - grapes
Terry Beilke - apples, blueberries
Chuck and Cherie Bennett - grapes
Joe Berry - cherries
Pamela Bilderbeck - plums
Lori Black - pears, plums
Arcile Boyes - grapes, pears
Mac Childs - pears
Alan Cohn - apples, pears, plums
Wendy Duplessis - cherries
Claire Feskens - plums
Marvin Fleming - plums
Glenna Flesch - plums
Alice Garson - pears
Vickie Gaska - apples
Deborah Goldstein - peaches
Steven Goto - cherries
Annenita Goudriaan - plums
Lucy Harrison - plums
Susan Haylock - apples, pears
Ron Haynes - squash
Macy Hays - apples
Florence Houghton - apples
Betty Janzen - squash
Carl Jensen - cherries
Renato Labate - cherries
John Larch - chestnuts
Janelle Mclaughlin - cherries
Marty Miller - blueberries
Minto Island Growers - blueberries, squash, tomatoes
Amber Moore - blueberries
Tanya Moore-Hamilton - cherries
Kathy Moreland - apples
Gladys Northey - cherries
Kathryn Nyman - apples, pears, plums
Delta Ockert - apples, cherries, pears, plums
Janice Palmquist - apples, cherries
Pearmine Farms - broccoli, strawberries
Jennifer Pennington - apples
Larry Peters - plums
Wes Pilcher - corn
Scott Porter - cherries
Audey Robison - apples, pears
Renee Roe - apples
Jeff Roth - squash
Carol Rush - apples
Cathy Seckel - apples, pears
Sheila Seeber - blueberries
Springtime Farms - cherries, pears, plums
Muriel Stieber - apples
Muriel Stieber - plums
Ron & Sherry Stoutenburg - blueberries
Karen Tanksley - apples
David Truitt - plums
Dan Vaughn - cherries
Verde Valley Organic Farm - cucumbers, squash, zucchini
Veneeta VonDohlen - cherries
Brad & Hillary Warner - apples, cherries, kiwi, quince
Tom White - apples
Vince Woods - squash

To our generous supporters, thank you!

Whole Pet Veterinary Care
Pence NW Construction
Vicon Mechanical Plumbing
VIDA Family Medicine, LLC
Salem Electric
John Gear Law Office
Pioneer Trust Bank
North River Road Dental, Ruth A. Abraham D.D.S.

$500 OR MORE

$5 TO $499
Lia Denson
Kevin Gabbert
Michael Barr
Georgienne and Ted Young
Henrik Axelsson
Daniel Dummer