Please consider making a gift to Salem Harvest. We are a community organization powered almost entirely by volunteers so our overhead is low. This means that your donation will support programs and events that lead directly to feeding the hungry and promoting a sustainable community. Your donation will enable us to provide safe, proper equipment for our volunteers, as well as to provide insurance for volunteers and homeowners. Salem Harvest is a non-profit, public charity so the full amount of your contribution is deductible for federal income tax purposes. You will receive a donation receipt in the mail.

Checks can be mailed to: Salem Harvest, P.O. Box 483, Salem, OR 97308

Click here to select a card to send to friends or family if you are donating in their name.

Become a Salem Harvest Sponsor and have your logo on our web page and displayed at harvests. Write to for details.

Crop donations in the last year

Emma Arbogast - persimmons
Thomas Barnett - broccoli, squash
Norman Baxter - asian pears
Beilke Family Farm - apples, blueberries
Greg Bennett - onions
Joe Berry - cherries
Arcile Boyes - grapes, pears
Rose Burleigh - apples
Sadie Carney - plums
Michael Case - grapes
Leslie Crum - apples
Geoff & Diane Darling - cherries
Kristina Davidson - plums
Yara Delgado - apples, blueberries
Karl Dettwyler - blueberries
Ray Drescher - broccoli
Wendy Duplessis - cherries
Scott Eder - cauliflower
Claire Feskens - plums
Five Oak Farms - cauliflower
Brad Ford - grapes
Lowel Ford - grapes
Kip Frost - apples, pears
Karl Geier - grapes
Bill Geschwill - green beans
Harris Harlow - pears
Susan Haylock - apples, pears
Macy Hays - apples
Brian Hewitt - melon, peppers, squash, tomatoes
Tom Hibbard - apples, pears
Ron Hunsaker - plums
Jon Iverson - grapes
Sherri Janzen - strawberries
John Jennings - pears
Carl Jensen - cherries
Howard Klopfenstein - apples
Barbara Knighton - pears
Katrina Koch - grapes
Daniel Kosek - apples, pears, plums
Kraemer Farms - bell peppers, squash
Karen Kramer - pears
Chris Landon - asian pears
Alana Lang Neads - cherries
Susan Latour - apples, pears
Kirk Leonard - grapes, plums
Dan & Janet Lowery - asian pears
Cheryl / Jesse Lucas - blueberries
Jennifer Magee - plums
Jo Marshall - grapes
Dennis Mays - cherries
Grace McCabe - plums
Alan Melzer - pears
Andre Meyer - marionberries
Michael Meyers - apples
Millie Millis - apples
Minto Island Growers - cabbage, tomatoes
Tanya Moore-Hamilton - cherries
Jessica Nauta - pears
Stuart Olson - peaches
Sally Orcutt - asian pears, pears
Connie Parker - plums
Pearmine Farms - broccoli, green beans, strawberries
Dale Poteet - italian plums
Pringle Creek Community - plums
Myron & Vikki Redford / Wetle - peaches, pears, plums
Linda Renner - apples
James Roth - blueberries
Jim Schlechter - corn
Cathy Seckel - pears
Beverly Silvera - apples
Jena Slovak - apples, pears
Bill Smaldone - grapes
Larry Smith - pears
Springtime Farms - apples
Springtime Farms - pears
Amanda Stevens - green beans
Shari & Ron Stoutenburg - blueberries
Dan & Judy Vaughn - cherries
Veneeta VonDohlen - cherries
Brad & Hillary Warner - grapes, kiwi, persimmons, quince
Roxanne Warren - apples
Leon Webber - apples, pears
Dan Wells - squash
Jennifer Wenkel - plums
Tom White - apples
Dave Wyant - cherries
Brian Zielinski - pears
Patrick Zurbrugg - blueberries

To our generous supporters, thank you!

Whole Pet Veterinary Care
Vicon Mechanical Plumbing
Salem Electric
John Gear Law Office
Pioneer Trust Bank
North River Road Dental, Ruth A. Abraham D.D.S.
Marion Polk Food Share
Classical Guitar Transcriptions
Country Financial
The Good People Fund
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Oregon Cherry Growers

$500 OR MORE
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Dick Yates and Nadene LeCheminant
Elise Bauman
Roz Shirack
Salem Emergency Physicians Service

$5 TO $499
Donald & Janice Taylor
Lia Denson
Michael Barr
Amber & William Garrison
Catherine J Miller
Carolyn & Thomas Force
Georgienne and Ted Young
Eileen Tilque
Jim Scheppke
Charles McCallum
Ken & Debbie Braun
Linda McGeath
Sharon Miller
Jennifer Cabbage
Elizabeth Henderson
William Vorachek
Mark Wigg
Virginia Vanderbilt
Alix and Michael Truax
Swanson & Swanson NW
Roz Shirack
Robet Schoenfeld
Eric Pearson
Marcia Kelley
Susan Coromel
Christine D'Arcy
Rob Easton
Brad Huggins
Kat Huggins
Bernadette Mele
Don Negri
John Christenson
Katherine Daniels
Keith Bauer
Don & Kristi Negri
Bill Collins
Daeco Construction
Keizer Christian Church
John Ritter