Terms of Participation

The mission of Salem Harvest is to feed hungry families by harvesting food that would go to waste. Consistent with this mission, harvested produce which I take home will go to children or homeless, unemployed, elderly or low-income/ in-need individuals (see ORS 515.154(3)) I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with that mission while attending Salem Harvest sponsored events.
    Food Safety
  • If I am sick (fever, cough, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea), or have had any of these symptoms in the past 24 hours, I will cancel my roster spot; and I will not bring sick children to a harvest.
  • I will wear closed-toe shoes throughout all harvests. (Closed toes, closed heels, and no perforations.)
  • I will only bring clean containers to put produce into at harvests and will sanitize them with Salem Harvest supplies if asked at the harvest.
  • I will not bring glass containers to harvests.
  • I will not bring a pet into the field.
  • I will not pick up produce from the ground unless it naturally touches the ground.
  • I will not bring latex gloves to harvests (these cause some people allergic reactions).
  • I will not wear clothes and shoes that have clods of mud, manure, blood or other bodily fluids on them to harvests.

  • Owner's Property
  • When I sign up for harvests, I will check off the boxes indicating that I have read and agree to the terms of the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement.
  • I understand that harvests are conducted on private property that the owner has granted Salem Harvest permission to enter. I will conduct myself in a manner that is respectful of the owner's property at all times.
  • I will not enter any crop owners' property before or after harvests conducted by Salem Harvest.
  • I will not use tobacco products on any crop owners' property.

  • Harvest Considerations
  • I will not participate in harassment of any kind, and I will report any incidents I observe during the harvests.
  • I will only sign myself up for harvests, not others.
  • I will cancel my roster spot if, after signing up for a harvest, I find that I am unable to attend.
  • I will cancel from the waiting list if I would not be able to attend if I were promoted to the roster.
  • I will not bring other adults to harvests who are not on the harvest roster.
  • I will be punctual in arriving at harvests.
  • I will listen to, and follow the rules of, the orientation about the harvest given by the leader.
  • I will not bring alcohol to harvests.
  • I will not bring firearms to harvests.
  • At least half of what I harvest will be donated by Salem Harvest to food distribution agencies. When there are exceptions to this basic rule, they will be explained during orientation.
  • I will not sell or barter the portion of the harvest that I take home.
  • I understand that Salem Harvest reserves the right to deny me entry to a harvest, or require me to leave a harvest, or remove me from the registration list if I do not follow these Terms of Participation