Ladder Safety

Study Guide The Ladder Safety Study Guide has information about the safe use of orchard ladders. We have 12-foot and 8-foot ladders that will be loaned to volunteers at harvests. To use one of these ladders you must either attend the in-person ladder orientation at the harvest, or pass the online Annual Ladder Safety Test.

You do not have to read the Study Guide before taking the test, but it will help you pass the test, and it does contain very useful information.


Passing the Annual Ladder Safety Test may let you skip the ladder orientation at harvests for the current season. (In orchards with slopes, harvest leaders may have everyone review best practices for ladder placement before harvesting.) Your score will be stored with your contact information and given to the harvest leader. After taking the test, you will see your score and be able to review the test items. You can take the test as many times as you want, but only once each day.

Click on the 'Test' button and then enter your name. You will be sent an email that contains a link directly to the test.