Feeding hungry families by harvesting food that would go to waste

Driven by the vision that fresh fruits and vegetables are available to everyone and no crops go to waste, Salem Harvest partners with:

  • Local farms
  • Volunteers
  • Supporters
  • Food distribution agencies and
  • Community Businesses
To harvest perfectly delicious but unused produce for hungry families across the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Salem Harvest is a non-profit organization and its principal purpose is the distribution of food without charge to children or homeless, unemployed, elderly or low-income individuals. Since 2010 more than three and half million pounds of fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables have been donated providing direct support for thousands of hungry families and individuals.

Whether you are a farmer, neighborhood tree owner, interested volunteer, or donor, we invite you to join us in building a compassionate community where neighbors help neighbors, where hungry families can gain self-sufficiency, where our urban and rural bounty is appreciated, and where sustainable lifestyles are celebrated.

Community Grants

Ag West Farm Credit
The Kroger Co.  Foundation
The Salem Foundation
Kaiser Permanente

Season Sponsors