Training and Orientation Videos

These video tutorials are intended for web page managers and harvest leaders who enter and update information in the Salem Harvest database. The first video, The Volunteer's View, may also be useful for newly registered volunteers to help orient them to the harvest signup procedures, including how the waiting list works. The remaining tutorials are about database pages that are available only to authorized users with passwords.

Some browsers are having difficulty playing these files. You may find it better to download them to your computer and then play them from there. Do this by right-clicking or Ctrl-clicking the link and selecting 'Save as...' or 'Save link as...'.

00 - The Volunteer's View (11:28)
01 - Introduction (8:19)
02 - The Picker Finder (2:50)
03 - Updating Tables (5:00)
04 - Adding a Harvest (8:51)
05 - The Season Planner (6:11)
06 - Harvest Information and Roster (8:45)
07 - Entering Attendance (7:06)
08 - The eMailer (9:27)


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