Food Preservation Ideas and Classes

National Center for Home Food Preservation
Free, self-paced, online course on home canning and preservation, as well as links to freezing, curing and smoking, fermenting, pickling, james and jellies, and storing food.  Also many recipes.

Willamette Valley Fruit Company
workshops on making freezer jam. In 2012 they offered a class for $15 where they provided all the berries, supplies and instruction, and you took home 3 – 12 oz. containers of finished jam. You can check on their website to see if it has been updated, or call them at 503-362-8857.

Ball Canning and Food Preservation
Their web site,  lists of canning classes for Oregon, reference tools and contact information for questions,  as much information as you could need on food preservation, recipes, and occasionally coupons or sales on canning supplies.  The Ball Blue Book of Canning and Food Preservation (available at the website or through local stores with the canning supplies) is an invaluable tool.

Canning Across America
This is a nationwide collective that offers How To Videos, an Online book library, recipes, blog lists of articles, information and specifics on individual products, and even a list of music to get “in the canning spirit”.

Prep Oregon
This is a site with ideas for emergency preparedness, but they offer good food preservation information.

**If you are just beginning, and are nervous about learning to can, often having a friend or two over for a canning party is a good way to learn.  That way, you are not the only set of hands that can help, and besides, it’s fun, and everyone can take something home.  Just figure out what is needed ahead of time, and split it up between whoever helps.